Main Attraction

Our focus is to help you unwind and absorb the nature this place is known for and not to indulge you in a hush-hush tour. We understand your rejuvenation needs and make sure that our camps provide you the best of the services.


Nubra, as many of us know is a tri-armed valley located in the North-East of Ladhak Valley. The valley is bestowed with some of the most beautiful gifts of nature & has some of the most picturesque views. The deeply cut Shyok & Nubra River Valleys gives you an access to some of the most magical & enchanting scenery created by nature. During winters, Nubra looks like a landscape of moon which gives it the name “BROKEN MOONLAND”. The key attractions of Nubra valley include Panamik village which is the last village of the valley, shaggy double-humped Bactrian camels, Yarab Tso Lake, Lachung temple, Maitreya Buddha statue, & Samstanling Monastery:


The beautiful scenic village of Nubra is famous for its sulfur-rich hot springs. It is believed to be a panacea. Owing to its health benefits it is one of the most visited places in Nubra. But that’s not all, Panamik is surrounded by gargantuan snow-clad peaks & lush green valley, making it appear as a picture perfect painting. The place is also a shopping destination offering Kashmiri & Tibetan artifacts. Kashmiri carpet & Pashmina shawls are one of the most shopped items in the markets of Panamik. The village has a strong presence of Buddhism & has Ensa Monastery, which again is a must see place.


The next destination for tourists is Maitreya monastery, your visit to Nubra is incomplete without visiting this massive 32-meter tall architecture of golden Jampa Budha. The statue faces the Shyok river and is one of the key attractions of Nubra. The gargantuan statue is mounted on top of the monastery. The Maitreya Budha statue is an emblem of peace & protection and is made out of gold. The gold for the construction of this statue was contributed by the heads of other Buddhist monasteries.


This 19th-century architecture by Tsultims Nima is located in the Summer village of Nubra. The Monastery is approximately 120 kilometers from Leh and is close to the last village in the Nubra Valley, Panamik. Based in the midst of beautiful ambiance, the Samstanling Monastery dilates the traditional hues of red ocher, gold, & white. Moreover, the intricate design of the old & new assembly halls of the monastery has elegant hangings, murals of Lord Buddha and his teachings of Dharmachakra and other facets of Buddhism. The monastery is home to around 50 monks who are looked after by the governing body of the monastery.


The sacred lake is also sometimes called as the hidden lake. It is around 15 km from the Nubra valley. Located in the serene surrounding of Sumur village, gives it a staggering beauty. The presence of crystal clear water in the lake clearly reflects the underneath rocky & barren terrain which gives it the name of the hidden lake. The lake is an easy trek of 15-20 minutes from Panamik village.