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Paramount Camp is the result of passion and perseverance of these visionaries who have vast experience in camping. They have put their heart and soul in designing the camp services ensuring that your excitement never fades throughout the tour.

Chander Shekhar

Full Time Director

Ex. Army Officer, Graduate and a great administrator who has seen the best of both the Army and the corporate world in his 40 years of work experience. The man of great reputation, Mr. Chandra Sekhar has invested his heart and soul in this project meant for travelers. For him, the world is a beautiful canvas and the locations like Nubra Valley in Leh are its high points. He has extensive

experience in adventure tours and the invaluable Army life experience helps him keep his as well as his team members’ spirits high even in the jolted times. His association with corporate world is reflected in the form of organization and proper planning that he loves to see in the hospitality extended to the guests coming to Paramount Camp.

Mamta Vasishtha

Full Time Director

Graduate and a passionate dreamer, a traveller who thinks life is beyond the cubicles and has loads to offer. She works actively in planning the holiday packages for Paramount Camp and oversees all the departments involved in putting up the best show. She utilizes her expertise in designing the Paramount Camp facilities and looks after the marketing and promotion activities

too. Quite vivacious in nature and caring at heart, this lady is the heart and soul of this organization and offers the best support in all the departments of this amazing company. Her personal touch is seen in all the facilities available at Paramount Camp.

Sonam Gyatso

Director Operations

Knows Leh like the back of his hand and has an experience of more than 10 years in organizing tourist hiking camps. He has spent the majority of his lifetime in Leh and has been an active hand in designing services of Paramount Camp. He knows exactly what would work at Leh and so the company utilizes his invaluable experience in offering the world class services to their

guests. He is actively involved in Research and Development and uses his language and culture skills to bring together the best service providers for offering a complete bouquet of convenience to the guests at Paramount Camp. Precisely speaking, Mr. Sonam Gyatso is the epitome of warmth and hospitality that Leh is known for.